Super Belt 5 Star Review Testimonial after 6 Years of Use!

Rick’s Review: “This memory popped up on today. As you can see it was 6 years ago I bought my Super Belt. I still wear it nearly every day and it looks almost the same. The buckle is a little worse for wear appearance wise but still functions just as good as it did on day one. The belt itself looks virtually brand new. It’s hard to tell it has been worn let alone for nearly every day for 6 years. The holes don’t even show wear, mostly just a little curve in the belt where it gets worn. This is an awesome belt folks. If you want a one and done belt see my friend Ellis Benus or go check out The Super Belt on FaceBook.”

This belt belongs to one of my first customers, only a few Super Belts are older than this one.

You can buy a junk belt for $30 at Walmart every year, or spend $60 ONCE for the rest of your life.

Stop buying crappy leather and nylon belts that will stretch, scratch and break.

Buy The Super Belt, a completely synthetic, space age material that’s Made in America, waterproof, has 1,500 pounds of tensile strength, won’t stretch the holes and is practically invincible.

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