Super Belt 5 Star Review Testimonial

Robert’s Review: “I work around a 2,800 degree furnace for melting glass and ambient temps around the furnace will reach over 160 degrees. My ID badge is all warped from that heat and I worried about whether the Super Belt could take it. After a year in and out of that heat the belt is holding up and seems to have the same strength, suppleness, and flexibility as when I got it. I’m getting more belts so one can be dedicated to the extreme heat at work in case years of exposure have a toll after all, but so far, this belt has maintained its qualities.”

You can buy a junk belt for $30 at Menards every year, or spend $60 ONCE forever.

Stop buying junk nylon and leather belts that will break, scratch and stretch.

Buy The Super Belt, a completely synthetic, space age material that’s Made in the USA, waterproof, has 1,500 pounds of tensile strength, won’t stretch the holes and is practically indestructible.

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